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Westfall's Lawn & Pest is a local Bradenton Lawn  Care and Pest Control company and we never lose sight of the fact that taking good care of our neighbors is the only sure road to success.

We offer a wide choice of Bradenton Lawn care & Pest control programs, as well as services for the Bradenton and Sarasota area. All of which are designed to work in conjunction with our local soils and hectic weather. With Westfall's  Lawn & Pest you can depend on a fast response to phone questions, lawn, and pest problems. We at Westfall's  Lawn and Pest Control are confident that you will love our great service and results.
LAWN FERTILIZING: We offer two lawn fertilizing programs in Bradenton Area and Sarasota - 8 applications per year and a monthly program.

  • Fertilizer in every application (customized for the season)
  • Micro Nutrients blended in with every application
  • Weed treatments every visit
  • Insecticides for ALL turf damaging insects (including chinch bugs and grubs)
  • Fungicides as needed

ORNAMENTAL PROGRAM: With this program you will receive

  • An inspection of your ornamentals that will be done every visit and customized treatments will be done as your plants require them
  • Three fertilizer applications per year on all of your ornamental plants and trees
  • Insecticides will be applied throughout the year to control problem pests (such as aphids, scale, mealy bugs, etc.)
  • Fungicides will be applied throughout the year to control fungus

  • Quarterly applications
  • Our bug free guarantee                
  • We will knock on your door every time and if you are home we will address any pest issues that you may be having 
  • We will remove spider webs, mud daubers, wasp nests from around the house and in unlocked screened areas up to 15 feet
  • Liquid and granular bait around the foundation
  • Treat eaves, windows, doorways
  • Treat decks, lanais, pool areas
  • Treat exterior entry points

LANDSCAPING: We can help with a total renovation to your landscape or just a refresher

MULCH Installation: Pine Bark, Cypress, Coco Brown and Red Mulch. We can also install stones


  • Mowing
  • String trimming
  • Edging and blowing off all concrete areas

SHRUB TRIMMING and CLEAN UP SERVICES: Can be done with the lawn maintenance program on a monthly basis or on an as needed basis

WEED CONTROL in the plant beds
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